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Our hotel preventative measures on COVID-19

During the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, Red Door Heritage Hotel is doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and comfort during your stay in Bangkok.

Our measures include:

  • Disinfection spray is used every time our guest checks out from their room to reduce the possibility of cross-infection of viruses
  • Public Area windows will be open for ventilation
  • Frequent sanitization of high-contact points, such as door handles, handrails, reception counters and more
  • Hand sanitizer gels placed at guest contact areas such as reception area
  • Infrared thermometers available at the front desk to conduct temperature checks of our guests and employees
  • Our employees are requested to wear a mask when in contact with the guest
  • Our employees are trained regularly to ensure proper hand hygiene and awareness of COVID-19

Following the guidelines provided by our local health authorities, our employees are ready to assist any guest that may feel unwell.

Red Door Heritage Hotel team looks forward to welcoming you to our hotel.